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Pickups (Barbados) 
Can I pickup my order?
Collection of item(s) are only available to the Barbadian Public.
Your Shopping Cart will be equipped with a "Pickup" option that you can select during the checkout process. After you have checked out and completed your order, we will notify you when your order is ready for pickup and an order number, detailed directions and a google location pin will be sent to you via Telephone, Email or WhatsApp.
Read below for collection instructions:
Note: you must receive notice to pickup from us before coming to our Distribution Centre to collect. You cannot collect without your order number.
  • When your item is ready for pickup we will notify you via Telephone, Email, or WhatsApp
  • A order number will be included in the notice this number must be presented when collecting item
  • Items must be picked up within 2 days of receiving the notice or storage fees may apply
  • A detailed direction and a google location pin to our Distribution Centre will also be included in the notice
Storage fee
*Prices are quoted in US Dollars*
  • FREE first 2 days after you have been notified your item is ready for pickup
  • after the grace period has ended $0.50 storage fee per day will be charged.
Please note we also offer a Delivery Service! See more details on delivery here >>>>.
Note: Please examine item in its entirety before leaving our Distribution Centre. 
(Please See below for information on our opening hours for pickup and address)
Pickup hours hours:
Mon - Fri    (9am-7pm)
Sat   -         (7am-7pm)
Sun  -       (10am-2pm)
School Road
Carrington''s Village
St. Michael
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