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Caribbean and International Orders
I am from the Caribbean how do I order?

Currently we only ship to the following Caribbean Countries ONLY:

We will how ever be shipping to more countries in the near future!

  • St. Lucia

  • St. Vincent

  • Jamaica

  • Martinique

  • Guadeloupe

  • Guyana

  • Trinidad & Tobago

  • Barbados

Go in to your shopping bag/cart after you have added your desired item(s).
Then follow these 3 simple steps below:
STEP-1: If your country is not automatically selected in your cart/bag, click the link to select your country from the list of countries in the drop down box. see diagram below.
STEP-2: Select whether you "want your item Shipped" or "you want to pickup your item for our Barbados location".
Note: we are very aware of the cross cultures here in the Caribbean therefore if you have a family memeber here in Barbados and would perfer them pick up your item, select the "Will pickup option in the drop down list".
For shipping option:
click the drop down box which contains a list of "Shipping companies" and select your most perfered shipping company from the list. Delivery prices will be calculated automatically.
For Pickup option:
click the drop down box which contains a list of "Shipping companies" and select "Will pickup from location" from the list. Pickup is FREE. Please note items must be collected with-in 2 days of receiving notice to collect.  After the 2 day grace period ends storage fees may apply.
STEP-3: Proceed to checkout 
After you have selected your country and method of receiving your item you can choose between the "Checkout" button or "Check out with PayPal" button to start the process of finalizing your payment.
If you select the "Checkout" Button
This button will direct you to a secure page:
    a) to confirm or enter your information such as shipping address 
    b) to confirm or enter your method of Shipping
    c) to select your method of payment (Offline payment option or Paypal option)
    d) To review and place order
Once Offline Payment option is selected we will contact you to verify the payment method of your choice from the list below:

               -Cash (a person in Barbados can pay on your behalf)

               -mMoney coming soon

               -Debit/Credit cards coming soon

               -Wire transfer

               -Western Union


               -Money order

If you select the PayPal Button or option

Note: You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal you can make your payment through PayPay secure Guest option.


Any PayPal button on this site redirects you to PayPal secure payment page where you can finish your payment transactions there. See payment methods accepted by PayPal below:

               -Cave Shephard credit card

               -Visa Debit Card

               -Master card

               -VISA card


               -American Express

Have a question regarding ordering? 

email us exoticallysavage@gmail.com

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